Film Noire Detective Game

This is a fairly short detective game rendered in film noire style. Its premise is that a goat figurine has gone missing from a recently deceased lawyer and the lawyer's niece, Katharine Ledbetter (better known as Kitty), has hired you to search for it as he's not allowed into her uncle's office. As your investigation starts you realise you're not the only one on the case! During this game you'll encounter many things familiar to the film noire genre from seductive dames, a fat cop and Chinatown. There's also some very funny scenes. Start your investigation by grabbing the spy kit on the bookshelf in your office and the ruler on your desk then head off to the business district and enter the offices of Ledbetter and Associates, Attorneys at Law. After you play this film noire style detective game why not check out and play our other online detective and murder games?

Case of the Crabs

Detective Case Game

This detective case game is quite short but satisfying nevertheless. You're a private detective with not much to do until a salesman walks into your office and shortley afterwards has a knife launched into his back. Now solve the crime!

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Missing Person Investigation

Missing Person Investigation Game

You scrape out a living as a private detective, taking on any case no matter how large or how small as long as it pays. The phone rings. Another job, a missing person. Let's find her!

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